Guide to the English Speaking Club "Saitama EC" in Saitama −Talk with Japanese in English
Saitama EC is now open to native English speakers or non-Japanese English speakers so that our gatherings can be more international and enhanced by people of all ages and backgrounds. We meet on every Sunday afternoon of each month to engage in various discussions and informal chats. We believe that friendship amongst the members is very important. We will invite native speakers to join us for free dinner or party at a reduced price. In addition to helping club members learn English, native English speakers will have the opportunity to improve their Japanese and learn about Japanese culture. We invite you to join us and share your ideas and culture in the international language of English.

When: 10:00am through 11:55am on Sundays every month (Sometimes from 1:15pm through 3:15pm)

Where: Shimo Ochiai Community Center (Two minute walk from JR Yono station) <= normal vanue
Musashi Urawa Community Center (Two minute walk from JR Musashi Urawa station)

How to find us: When you leave the ticket gate, turn left to go out the west exit
of JR Yono station. Walk straight one block to west, and you will see a tall building
on your right. We meet on the fourth floor of that building.

Please contact Shibata for more details in below address as time/venue is subject
to change.  

Fee: Free for non-Japanese who has a netive level of English speaking   
< For more details> Contact Shibata =>